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GEDA Hoists have revolutionized the way we think about access when planning large building projects. Transporting people and building material often relied on utilizing existing infrastructure or hiring cranes to get the job done… Not anymore.

GEDA hoists can be fixed to the building or scaffold and can be installed in a matter of hours. This saves time and money, giving staff and material a primary access route to any level of the project without the need for joint access with a potential tenant or members of the public.


Regular maintenance and servicing is key to ensure the hoists runs smoothly and safety at all times. That’s why AMC Electrical have teamed up with Layher scaffolding who offer a range of access solutions and are the official supplier of the GEDA Original products. Purchasing parts for your hoists will come directly through Layher, cutting out the middleman and ensuring all parts ordered are genuine and designed for task.

AMC Electrical are one of the only companies in New Zealand to have been trained by GEDA on how to service and maintain their hoists.  

AMC Electrical Service

AMC Electrical perform repairs and maintenance on GEDA hoists in the Wellington and Manawatu Region. We can visit site and carry out health assessments on your hoist to ensure they are fit for purpose and suggest any repairs that may be required. We also offer scheduled planned maintenance and keep records of the servicing and parts used for your asset. This keeps your hoist compliant and allows for informed financial decisions when required. Regular maintenance, checks and repairs are essential to keep the hoists running efficiently and safely, just as the manufacture intended.

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