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emergency lighting With AMC

Importance of effective emergency lighting

Emergency lighting is an important part of any building and business in New Zealand. It enables the safe, prompt and efficient evacuation of spaces and buildings, not only in cases of blackout caused by power outage but when sunlight and mains lighting may still be available. To ensure that you have a safe and compliant emergency lighting design, you have to comply with the NZ Building Code F6 as well as the AS2293  standards.


Emergency lighting professionals

AMC Electrical is your one-stop shop for emergency lighting design, installation, maintenance and repairs. We have all the skills and knowledge about the different standards that your business needs to meet and can support you throughout the process. We can provide annual IQP inspections for your emergency lighting.

We provide expert electrical knowledge that you can rely on. Give us a call if you are having trouble with your electrical equipment and systems, and the AMC Electrical team will be on hand to support you!