Heat pump filter being changed

Repairing and maintaining your heat pumps

Has your heat pump stopped working? Is it not performing as well as it has been in the past? To avoid any of these issues, it is necessary to service your heat pump regularly. AMC Electrical offers heat pump servicing in the Wellington and Manawatu region to find any underlying issues that may hinder the system’s performance and ensure they work well for a long time coming. Regular maintenance helps avoid any issues while also ensuring the efficient functioning of your heat pump to keep the running costs low. The AMC Electrical team can work on all types of heat pumps.

Heat pump servicing

Our heat pump servicing includes a range of preventative measures that we take to avoid any costly issues from arising. We suggest you get your heat pump serviced at least once a year to check that it’s performing to its full potential and replace any parts that might be causing issues. Each service we will carry out the following.

  • check and tighten electrical connections
  • undertake cleaning of filters and the indoor coil
  • change remote controller batteries
  • check and clear all condensation drains
  • check the system for leaks, abnormal noises and vibrations
  • complete minor repairs and adjustments (as/if required)
  • advise owner of any undue rust or corrosion
  • check the system operating air temperatures – inflow and outflow
  • check overall operation of the equipment
  • investigate any issues/observations made by the occupants
Heat pump being serviced

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Contact AMC Electrical to book a heat pump service for your high-wall, ceiling or ducted heat pump, and we will be happy to repair and maintain your unit in any way we can.