Pneunatic tube system

Maintenance of pneumatic tube systems

Pneumatic Tube Systems are an essential part of many businesses and buildings, including hospitals, banks and factories. They are used to transport objects, such as medicines, cash, documents and parts. Pneumatic Tube Systems save time and are an efficient way to pass information or parts from one location to another. These systems increase productivity and reduce overhead costs but it is important to have them regularly maintained and serviced to avoid any issues with their performance. AMC Electrical completes maintenance of the whole system, including the dispatch panel, diverter, cage, air shifter and faceplate. Ensure your system functions well at all times with AMC Electrical!

AMC Electrical have installed and maintained pneumatic tube systems for over 10 years. We have knowledge and experience when working on this niche equipment and are the leading company in Wellington and Palmerston North that can service and maintain Pneumatic Tubing Systems for a range of applications. Get our friendly team to come to see you on a regular basis for optimal performance.

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