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Commercial lighting solutions

Need commercial lighting solutions for your business? Want to optimise the lighting of your office or industrial building? AMC Electricals’ commercial electricians can help with all design aspects for your lighting. Lighting can be used cleverly to highlight products and specific locations in your office, warehouse or store. It can significantly improve your employees’ productivity levels and can ensure your customers look in the right place when entering your space. We can install and repair lights and find the best design option for your space.

Electrical lighting from AMC

Whether you own a large retail store, warehouse, or a smaller office space, our friendly team can help with all the commercial lighting that you need. We will light up your space in the best way possible for you, your employees, clients, and customers. We can provide a wide range of lighting options for your needs. No matter if you want to illuminate a room significantly, make one specific location brighter, our commercial electrical team can make it happen for you.

At AMC Electrical, we are happy to work on new builds and renovations where we can provide a complete overhaul of your lighting or simply add to your exusting. No job is too large or too small for our team.

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Contact our friendly team if you are looking for a trusted commercial electrician in Wellington and Palmerston North. We understand the needs of retailers and office workers and can help you find a solution that works.