AMC Electrical Compliance & Testing

Electrical installations are subject to inspection and testing before they are connected to the supply. This ensures that your premises are safe and comply with the current regulations. Electrical testing should only be carried out by somebody who holds a current practicing license. Our team at AMC Electrical are quality focused and our results testify to that fact. Existing installations should be regularly checked to ensure the system is safe and fit for purpose. We evaluate the health of your system with emphasis on the earthing component that can erode over time causing a delayed response in the safety device that protects the people, property and equipment you care about most. Test results are documented and a report formulated outlying the condition of the installation and any recommendations for improvement. We aim to give our customers piece of mind and allow them to make informed decisions from evidence based data. We issue certificates of compliance on all installations once works are completed and tested to confirm electrically safe.

Testing and tagging electrical appliances is another aspect of testing we carry out to ensure appliances are safe to use and comply with the current standards. Appliance testing provides a snapshot of how safe the appliance is at the time of testing. The AMC Electrical team have all the knowledge and equipment to test and tag equipment on construction sites, commercial and industrial buildings. Our electricians can also perform any repairs and upgrades should this be required.

To ensure your installation and appliances are compliant get in touch with AMC Electrical today! We perform electrical testing across Wellington and Palmerston North!